Archimedes Business Software

This section provides the information regarding the details of the supplier.
Help >Purchase > Supplier Detail

New Form will appear when OK is clicked or Enter is pressed for user to fill all the details about the supplier.

Supplier Details Supplier Id is generated automatically it is unique for every supplier
Company Name Enter the name of the company
Account No. Enter the Account No.
Supplier Name Enter the supplier name
Address Enter the address of the supplier
City Enter the city name
State Enter the state Name
Zip Enter the Zip Code
Country Enter the name of country
Phone No. Enter the phone No.
Fax No. Enter the Fax No.
Email Address Enter the Email Address
Credit Limit Enter the credit Limit of the supplier
SaleTax No. Enter the sale tax No
Order Balance Amount Left To be Paid


Memo Click on this memo tab & insert more detail bout the supplier
List Click on the list tab to see all the Supplier details

Close Click close or ESC, Ctrl+F4

Press Alt + A to select the Processing, or click Processing Button from Process, now select Save to Save the details of the New Supplier in the database.